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Cookie notice

Last updated: May 2, 2024


At Kinetic Change LLC (“Kinetic Change” “we”), we use cookies, pixels, and technologies like this (we call them “cookies) to help make our website work better. Here’s what they do:

Remembering You: Cookies help us remember who you are when you sign in. This means we can show you stuff you like, like personalized content and recommendations.

Remembering Your Settings: We use cookies to remember your settings, like your language and other things you like. That way, we can make sure you see things the way you want them.

Making Our Site Better for You: We use cookies to learn how our site is doing and how we can make it better. This helps us fix any problems and give you a better experience.

Keeping You Safe: Cookies help us spot and stop bad things from happening, like fraud and security issues.

Showing You Things You Might Like: We use cookies to show you ads and stuff that match what you’re interested in.

Checking How We’re Doing: Cookies let us see how well our site is doing, so we can keep making it better.

Some cookies stay only while you’re looking around, and others stay longer. The most important ones last for up to a year.

What we collect with cookies

Here’s the kind of things we collect with cookies:

How You Connect: We collect details about how your computer or phone connects to the internet.

Information About Your Device: We gather info about your computer or phone, like what kind it is and where it is.

Security: We collect info about how you stay safe online, like your password.

What You Do: We keep track of what pages you visit and what you click on.

Managing Cookies

On Our Site: You can change your cookie settings anytime by clicking “Cookie Preferences” at the bottom of our site.

In Your Browser: Most browsers let you control cookies. Look in your browser’s settings to see how to do this.

If you don’t allow some cookies, you might miss out on some things. You might also have to change your settings every time you visit our site. Some browsers might change your settings without asking, so watch out for that.


Third-Party Cookies

Other companies might use cookies when you use our site. They use cookies to show you ads or do things for us. If you use features from other companies on our site, they might also use cookies.

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