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Our Mission

At Kinetic Change, we revolutionize the way businesses adapt to change. Our human-centric approach transforms change from a challenge into a strategic advantage. We don't just tweak processes; we craft human centered ecosystems that thrive on evolution.

Our Story

Kinetic Change co-founders Erika Lenz and Robin Weldon Cope met through a mutual friend and immediately resonated. We are both deeply committed to helping leaders gain the skill to transform their teams, departments, and organizations.

As Robin says, "Erika is the yin to my yang." Our skills are complementary: Robin loves everything operational and gets deep satisfaction from making a company hum. Erika is a seasoned facilitator and model-builder, focused on metaphor and visualization as tools for helping people communicate, gain alignment, and solution complex problems. 

In a few short months, we knew we wanted to collaborate to make workplaces more resilient and healthy. Wonder Twin powers, activate!

Erika Lenz is a neuroscience-focused organizational coach and company-builder. She has 12 years experience guiding  transformations, from mid-size development organizations to Fortune 500 companies.

Her primary focus is cultivating evolutionary, human-centric, and outcome-focused strategies. She has developed and delivered 100s of collaborative courses and workshops.


Robin Weldon Cope has a proven track record of driving operational excellence across diverse sectors. She is adept at leveraging strategic planning, agile management, and a commitment to patient and customer
engagement. Robin is a transformational leader who has consistently steered teams to outperform objectives, delivering significant cost savings, enhancing overall organizational efficiency, and contributing to revenue and budgeting process. She has managed teams of 130+ with budgets of $120MM.


Experienced Leadership

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